You’re expecting a BABY!! Congratulations!


Newborns sessions are the first and most exciting photo sessions you will have with your child until their senior photo shoot in high school. 

I strive to make it an unforgettable experience with photos to last a lifetime!



Whether this is your first or fourth baby I hope to make your photo shoots special and unique from your maternity shoot through one year photos of your new addition. Keep in mind photographers are artists and, while it is definitely ok to bring ideas, allow your photographer to tell your baby's unique story.

It's much more fun to let your baby do the talking and see where the photo session leads us!




We will meet three times for your babies newborn shoot, we will have a planning session, a photographing session and an ordering session.



Planning Session:


First time mom?

First time photo session with me?

1,000 questions on the investment you're about to make?

Of course your do!! The planning session consists on you, me and a cup of coffee, sitting down to "hash out the details" and importantly to meet each other in person!  This is where you and I discuss what you can expect from the photo shoot, what props to bring, pricing, products that I offer and timeline for the first photo shoot after the birth of your baby!  We are able to discuss all expectations to make for a flawless newborn session! For this session we can meet any time from 6 months to a few weeks before the baby is born.





Photographing Session:


The best session of them all!!!  The photographing session takes place when baby is anywhere from 3-10 days old. Plan on a 1-3 hour session of your baby (and family if you chose to). Bring extra food for baby whether it's formula or breast milk, pacifiers, blankets, diapers etc. anything you'll need to keep baby comfortable and happy. These sessions can be really quick and we can get all the shots we need in the first hour or so. Sometimes we have a baby that doesn't want to sleep through their session, however, and it takes us a little bit more time. 




Ordering Session


Now your photos are taken and you have a beautiful gallery to choose what you want for your wall in print or canvas, birth announcements, prints for grandma and grandpa! Overwhelming right? Hopefully not!! The ordering session allows you to view your edited photo gallery, while sitting down with the one person who can answer all the questions you have, in person, not trying to communicate through email or text message! At this appointment you should bring your spouse, mom, best friend, whoever you would like to help you choose your favorite prints!